For the safety and well-being of all of our clients

The 225 Club is actively reducing the number of people allowed into the gym space at any one time (until Covid-related restrictions are safe to ease)

As such, we are no longer offering a traditional Membership package...

But we are delighted to offer PERSONAL GYM SESSIONS via our online booking system!

Simply create an online profile and you can login to view the weekly timetable of available workout slots.

Just trying us out?
1 session credit = £15

Desperately want the gym back in your life but can't come as much as you would like?
5 session credits = £50 (£10 per visit, valid for 2 months)

Let me at it!
20 session credits = £100 (£5 per visit, valid for 1 month)

If you have any issues at all with the booking process, just drop us a message to:

P.s. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our brand-new class schedule starting on May 17th where we will be utilising the entire refurbished gym space for every class!

Signup Now & create an account

login and purchase credits to book gym sessions via our online timetable

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Margaret Bently, Esher, Surrey

"The 225 Club is a fab place to workout! As someone who normally hates to exercise I have found that the incredibly friendly staff, beautiful interior, and lovely class teachers always make the journey to the gym a little less daunting. ”

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Nina Young, Cobham, Surrey

“As a Mum of three young boys it is so great to find a gym with personal trainers who specialise in pregnancy/post pregnancy and all Mum stuff! I use the Club for the gym facility, PT sessions and classes!! Their long opening hours make it so much easier to fit in a visit around busy family life! A gym with daily passes too means I get to bring friends along for classes and works out too! ”

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Joshua Brown Cobham, Surrey

“'Having played rugby at International level I always look for a gym that can accommodate heavy lifting but which isn't too crowded - The 225 Club suits me perfectly. They have fantastic equipment for me to continue my strength work, I am always able to use the equipment I need without waiting, their Training staff are highly knowledgeable, and their boxing class leaves me drenched! I highly recommend them”

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Nick Meakin , Fetcham, Surrey

“I have been a member at The 225 Club since they opened and couldn’t be happier with both the club itself and my personal progression. The Club is much closer than where I previously trained so I am able to keep a more consistent regime, and the one-to-one session their Personal Training team gave me when I signed up has reinvigorated my passion for working out and helped me to address a number of my weak areas to really improve my niggling old injuries."